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01. How can I make a purchase?

To place an order, click on the 'order now' button on the website and follow the on-screen instructions.

02. What payment methods does Deedat accept?

Deedat offers various payment options, including Cash on Delivery (COD) island-wide, Bank Payments, Online Bank Transfers, Payment Link, and card payments with VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

03. Will Deedat restock an item that is sold out?

Restocking depends on demand. If a style is in high demand, it will be replenished within weeks. If not, use the 'search' option for similar styles or connect with our team on Facebook or Instagram for alternative designs.

04. Can I ship to multiple addresses?

While you can enter different recipient addresses, we currently ship to one address per delivery.

05. Can I change my delivery address?

If you need to change your delivery address, contact us immediately. If the package has not been shipped, we'll assist in the address change. Once shipped, we'll contact our courier for a potential address modification.

06. How long does delivery take, and what are the costs?

Standard delivery takes 2-5 business days. Prices, excluding taxes, are listed on the product page. Credit cards accepted include Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. International Shipping costs vary; please inquire before making a purchase.

07. What is the time limit for a return notice?

Returns/exchanges must be initiated within 14 days of purchase. The garment must be in its original condition with the receipt and Deedat tags attached. Refer to our 'Exchange Policy' on the website for details.

08. How do I send a package for exchange to Deedat?

Follow our 'Exchange policy' and the 'Exchange step-by-step guide' provided on the website.

09. How do I track my order?

Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with order details and a link to track your order.

10. Can I amend or change my order after placing it?

Once an order is submitted, changes are not possible. Contact us within 10-25 minutes to propose adjustments or cancel if the package hasn't left our warehouse. Otherwise, cancel the order and place a new one.

11. How do I cancel my order?

To cancel, contact us. We'll check and request cancellation from our warehouse. If shipped, we'll contact the courier to reroute it. If delivered, refuse the package for return. We'll process a full refund within 2-3 business days of receiving the item(s).